>Back to childhood days~ Genting Highlands

>Last weekend…
Back to my childhood frenzy…
Theme Park at Genting Highlands…
I have forgotten how long since the last time
that I ran around with the excitement of a child
Thanks guys and girls for the moments
and the feeling of togetherness
Though it was not to the extend of magical
but I’m grateful that you were there
People and things around us always come and go
without us realizing
I don’t like the change
the feeling of being abandoned
but I don’t blame…
It’s just maybe I don’t belong there
but now I feel it no more
I hope… and I believe
that this time it will take a longer while
the laughter and the fun
shall not be gone in a glimpse
I am thankful
because I’ve been blessed

genting - 3 of us

genting - london bus

genting - bear

genting - our group

genting - swing

genting - swing 2

genting - caroussel 3

genting - caroussel 2

genting - caroussel

genting - photographers

genting - antique car

genting - beryl's choco world

genting - beryl's choco world 2

genting - beryl's choco world 3

genting - beryl's choco world 4

genting - beryl's choco world 5

genting - safari disco

genting - safari disco 2

genting - strawberry park

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